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(Read this only if you are very bored… and your boss is not watching)

They first met in year 2000 during polytechnic enrollment.

She still remembers distinctively the very first impression of him when he walked pass her wearing a bright teal Hawaiian shirt. It’s the most “kiam pak” (feel like smacking his face) looking “ah beng” (bad boy) she has met. He seems so uninterested to be in school and bound to be some troublemaker. “Better not be in the same class as me!” she thought.


He remembers her as the pimply girl whom he mistaken as a Malay due to her tanned skin. “Whoa! That Malay girl can speak good Chinese!” (Other then that… don’t really remember much about her because he starts to scout around for potential babes in his class…)

The irony…

They ended up in the same group. However, after talking for a while they have a better understanding of each other but there were clearly NO sparks between the two. He has his crushes in school and she knows who they were and will tease him when he tries to date his crush. While she? She has someone else outside of school in her mind then. Not until towards the end of the 3rdand final year of their diploma course…

He got too bored during the Chinese New Year holidays and decides to mass text to people he knows to hang out. She, thinking that it is a group gathering didn’t mind and follow suit with the meeting. However, there was only him and another course mate. The course mate left after a while and there were only two of them left. To cut the story short, after an exhilarating Viking ride together and a long talk together by the bay, cupid dust seems to have accidentally fallen upon these two unsuspecting people and things started to change after that very day. There were more meetups but to them, initially, is was more like friends confiding in each other about their own failed BGR attempts. But I’m sure by now; you know where this story is leading, like a typical drama storyline. Trust me. They didn’t believe it either. They both had a good laugh about it too.

How can it be possible that J and Y will end up together after all these while? They wonder what their classmates’ reaction would be. Maybe up till now, some of them are still left wondering.

It’s amazing how fate sometimes plays a part. There are certain “signs” in your everyday life that goes unnoticed until one day you would come to realize. Much like they remember they once shared a fast food ‘couple meal’ together during the first year of their studies when he ask her “ Hey, do you want to chip in? Because its cheaper to buy as a couple.” A beginning of a curse? or fate?

Anyway, 10 years went on as a couple. They probably didn’t think it would last this long. They have worked together in the same company, travelled to places together and now both of them face the same situation of feeling lost at their direction in life. She has always been dreaming about backpacking around Europe and experience living and immersing in a different culture in another country. He, unsure of his path in life decides to venture forth and take a leap forward to a foreign land to seek an answer. Therefore, they left everything familiar and close to them behind to embark on this soul-searching journey which may brings unexpected consequences. But what’s life without a little bit of thrill right?

Love, Jon & Milly

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