Railing thru Europe: Stop 3.4 Southern France – Nice


Heading to Nice wasn’t as easy as we thought it was. Concurrent rains from the previous days had caused the railway tracks near the city of Toulon to be flooded and there was no way any train could head eastwards to Nice. As we had pre-booked our accommodation there, we had no choice but to get as close as possible to Nice and find alternate modes of transportation there. Fortunately, when we reached Marseille, we noticed a large group of people (most of them backpackers) waiting at the side entrance of the station. Subsequently, after minutes of ears-dropping, we realized that the good people of SNCF decided to hire coaches and drive the mass of tourist and backpackers directly to Nice. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, we received an apology package containing mineral water, biscuits and some french treats/goodies and were on our way to Nice!

yea~ we got the whole room to ourselves even though it's meant for 4 people

what a cute dog! looks like a small grizzly bear

long stretch of turquoise sea

J and I were scouting for topless sunbathers and indeed we spotted quite a few daring babes on the beach.

time to hit the beach~!

byebye plane...

Signing off, J and Yee

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