Luxury Hotels of Britain: Offering you Memorable Holidays at Affordable prices

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Britain is the largest island in the Europe and has been the hub of world activity ever since the formal unification of the kingdoms of England and Scotland. Hence, needless to say that when it comes to heritage, history, art and culture Britain has a lot to offer. No wonder its capitals London and Edinburgh are considered as the modern day cultural hubs with people from all over the world visiting and settling in this region. So, when you combine all of this; the history, the scenic beauty of islands and the cross cultural influences, Britain is considered as one of the hotspots of tourists from all over the world. And what is the first thing that any one planning a holiday considers, the answer is Hotels.

Hotels, luxury hotels to be precise, are one department where Britain stands apart from any other tourist location on the Globe since it has some of the highly regarded hotels in the world. The best part about luxury hotels in Britain is that not only are they relaxing, affordable and convenient they offer a piece of the very soul of this region of the world. Some of these hotels take you to a timeless journey into the past as they preserve a part of history. Take for instance the Crathrone Hall Hotel in Yarm, North Yorkshire. Built in 1906, the hotel that is overlooking the Leven Valley on the edge of Yorkshire Moors is more than a century old and has hosted some of the most influential politicians, members of the royal family and other prominent socialites.

Crathorne Hall is one of hundreds of elegant Hotels all across Britain. And it’s not like that in order to stay in these hotels you have to exhaust all of your savings. These Hotels offer a wide range of packages all at affordable prices. With the advancement of Web you no longer have to believe travel agents or tourism companies as all of these luxury hotels have online presence which means that you can just go over the web and get all the detail about the pricing and the packages that these hotels offer. Not only that but a number of websites (such as Trip Advisor) offer reviews of these hotels which can make it easier for you to make the decision regarding selection of the Hotel.

So, whether you want to enjoy the sun kissing beaches of Devon or the metropolis of Birmingham with all its buzz and activity or the picturesque country side of Berkshire all you have to do is go online and choose the Hotel of your liking in location of your choice. These luxury hotels offer a wide range of services that are certainly bound to add to our holiday experience and make it a memorable time of your life.


Switzerland – It’s More Than Just Chocolate And Watches

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What do you envision when you think of Switzerland?  Is it skiing on the majestic Alps?  Or maybe it is world-class chocolate and wooden ticking clocks that you think of.  If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, here are some other activities and sights that you should consider indulging your senses with:

Go On A Hike

With there being well over 60,000km of hiking trails, Switzerland is truly a hiker’s paradise.  You can find trails that are for every level of fitness and that vary in length.  You can hike an alpine route, a mountain trail, or even go across the country by foot.  When you hike through Switzerland, you’re able to then truly take in all that the country has to offer, like panoramic flower-filled valleys and villages filled with rich history and tradition. MySwitzerland has a great guide to the 32 most enjoyable hikes that is definitely worth a look if you’re super keen.

Try An Alpine Park

Alpine Parks are certainly not for the faint of heart.  These parks offer some of the most daring attractions in the whole country, from ziplining from tree top to tree top to blood boiling suspension bridges.  There are also some great obstacle courses that are fun for the whole family.

Enjoy The Water

Despite Switzerland not actually being close to any sea, there are still a number of areas where you can enjoy swimming, water sports, and even go for a cruise like in Seedorf, the Ticino, Weggis, and the Swiss Riviera.  These crystal clear lakes and tame rivers offer travellers the ability to unwind and have a good time, whether that be floating on your back, in a kayak or on a ferry.


Perhaps it’s not as famous for shopping as, say, Paris, London or New York, but in Zurich you can find anything your heart could possibly desire, especially the world class chocolate and fine wine shops – perhaps a designer Swiss watch if you have shedloads of spending money! If you run out of cash while you’re over there, Travelex, in its omnipresence, has branches all over Switzerland and you can reserve Swiss Francs online and pick them up from the nearest Travelex to you.

Get High

To truly get the full scope of the gorgeous landscape that is Switzerland, then you’ve got to get high up in the sky.  Depending on how brave you are, you can get a great view of the land by sky diving, hang gliding, or parachuting from one of many spots in this idyllic country.  For those of us who may not be overly interested in free falling from great heights there are a number of chair lifts and cable cars that are available for tourists to take to many of the magnificent mountaintops.  Otherwise you may opt for a romantic hot air balloon ride, or a breathtaking “Alpenrundflug” via helicopter.

Feast On True Fusion Cuisine

Switzerland is known as being the “culinary melting pot” of Europe, with many of its dishes being the perfect fusion of German, Austrian, Italian and French cuisine.  Depending on the village you visit, you’ll be able to find some delightful local specialities that are completely different from the foods found just miles away in other neighbouring villages.


Late Deals to Australia from the UK: 5 Things You Should Look Out For

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Taking a last-minute holiday to Australia is not impossible, but it can be expensive if you are not careful with your planning. While you may give up on the idea of taking such a last-minute trip, there are five things you should know about before cancelling your plans. It is still possible for you to travel abroad while saving yourself some money.

1. Research Flights and Different Airports

One of the main reasons why people often spend too much for their flight is because they only go with one particular airline or airport. By expanding your horizons and looking at a variety of flights as well as different airports, you may be able to save yourself a lot of money. For example, avoiding flying out from London is one way to save money because London flights are often the most expensive out there. There are many flight search engines and travel comparison websites to choose from, but this website is a good place to start looking for deals on flights to Australia.

2. Don’t Skimp on Comfort

Last-minute bookings often mean that you’re going to get the worst seat on the plane or that you’re going to be downgraded to a less comfortable spot on-flight. Even though you’re booking your flight arrangements late, this does not mean that you shouldn’t still be picky. You want your holiday to still be enjoyable. Be sure to research different seating options so that you do not get stuck in something uncomfortable for you. You might even want to consider upgrading your seat if there are no good ones available in the economy section.

3. Compare Different Hotels and Read Reviews

The hotel you’re going to be staying in will also make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your holiday. The whole purpose of online reviews is for other people to learn from another family’s experience. Before booking a hotel, be sure to read every review possible that you can find online. There are going to be a mixture of positive and negative reviews for most hotels, but there should be more positive reviews for the better facilities. If you notice a hotel getting a lot of overly negative reviews, avoid booking with that one.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Travel on Holiday

One major reason why people pay so much when booking holiday arrangements is because they feel like they have to be in the heart of the busiest city so that they can benefit most from their trip. There is no reason why you cannot make use of a transportation service or rent a car to travel to the bigger cities. By not staying in a big city, you will be able to cut your hotel bill literally in half so that it is not as expensive for you. Also, most of these out-of-town hotels have openings when you’re booking last-minute.

5. Use the Internet to Your Advantage

You probably already know how useful the Internet can be, but it really can be the best thing for you when you’re booking hotels and flights for your upcoming trip to Australia. Not only will you be able to read reviews on hotels and book an affordable flight, but you’ll also be able to map out where you want to go and what you’d like to see while there. Use the Internet as often as possible when you’re making plans to take a holiday abroad so that you have everything planned according to what you and your family want to do together in an area where you’ve never been before.


Travel Stress Free Next Summer with Low Cost Package Holidays

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Although it is sometimes tempting to build your own holiday itinerary, booking flights, hotels and excursions independently, it definitely makes for a stressful trip should your plan fall to pieces.

DIY trips can definitely save you a pretty penny or two, but so can package holidays. The trick is to find great deals and balance out the pros and cons.

Whether you’re aiming for a low cost fortnight in Florida or prefer cheap Ibiza holidays, package breaks give you the peace of mind you need to travel stress free.

First and foremost, booking through a trusted discounted holiday website will significantly reduce the cost of your holiday. Gathering the best deals from the UK’s favourite travel agencies, you can book safe in the knowledge that your date with your dream destination is in capable hands.

ATOL insurance is also another factor to consider. Ensuring your holiday is protected against all flight-related adversities is a huge pro. With an ATOL protected package you will never be left stranded abroad or lose money due to issues with your travel.

Apart from travel protection, package holidays are exactly what they say on the tin, the full package. Included in your holiday price is flights, transport to and from your chosen accommodation, the hotel costs, and some element of board in many cases.

Don’t forget the little niceties too such as free baggage allowance and any in-flight refreshments on long haul journeys. A dedicated travel rep is always a welcomed addition to your break too, especially if you’re hoping to discover your destination and need a few handy hints and tips along the way.

Ditch the travel dilemmas and look online today at low cost holiday packages. Stints in the sun should be all about relaxing and rejuvenating, so eliminate any stressful elements and look forward to a streamlined summer sojourn.


Finding great value holidays in Majorca

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Quite what amount to great value holidays in Majorca will depend of course on how much money you have to spend and what you’re expecting to line up for that outlay. The island is renowned as a wonderful holiday destination but also a favourite haunt of the rich and famous. The good news for all of us though is that there are bargains to be found, whether you’re after five-star luxury or something a little less extravagant.

Palma, the capital of Majorca, is among the most cosmopolitan and glamorous cities in Europe at the moment and it is here that A-listers head to hang out and be seen in the sunshine. The city is well worth a visit if you have chance while staying elsewhere on the island because it boasts some amazing restaurants and is a haven for high-end boutique fashion store aficionados. But elsewhere and usually towards the other coastal regions around Majorca are where the heart of the island’s tourist industry lies. There is a healthy smattering of towns that each offers their own attractions and slice of Majorcan life, from exuberant nightlife hubs to more tranquil and scenic former fishing villages.

There really aren’t many more beautiful places to spend time with your loved ones, whether that means your entire family, a few friends or just that most special person in your life. The weather is warm and very sunny during the summer months and there are offers on week-long stays in self-catered accommodation starting from just a few hundred pounds per person. A simple search online should turn up a lengthy list of reasonably priced package holidays, whatever kind of trip you have in mind.

And the same can be said of Majorca’s neighbouring islands as well, with plenty of low cost Menorca holidays available again this year.

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Top 5 Stag Activities: Nottingham

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Perfectly situated in the heart of the East Midlands, making it an ideal spot for stag parties all over the country, Nottingham has a whole host of activities on offer to ensure your stag do goes off without a hitch.

You can book large group accommodation with Travelodge to keep the stag do affordable. With many hotels scattered around the city centre, there’s a myriad of options available to keep things cheap for your group. Booking online can often provide you with excellent discounts too.

Once in Nottingham, it’s not all about the boozing. This city steeped in history has much more going for it than just the excellent nightlife.

1. Paintball
Home to the largest paintballing centre in the Midlands, paintballing is a must-do activity for any stag do. Adrenaline fuelled and great fun, there’s nothing wrong with a good dollop of healthy competition, right? The Paintball Jungle offers an awesome paintballing experience in 150 acres of Sherwood Forest, consisting of 7 paintball zones. Plus, from only £6 per person, it’s an absolute bargain!

2. Quad Biking
Also situated in Sherwood Forest, but one for the lovers of four wheeled thrills, quad biking is suitable for those experienced or not. Only 35 minutes from Nottingham, the quad trek takes you on a tour of all terrains, from forest clearings to muddy ravines. With the ability to master 6 off-road zones (once you have demonstrated you can control the quad on the practice track), you and the stag will be in for an awesome afternoon of adrenaline fuelled adventure.

3. Golf
A much tamer activity but still one to consider whilst deciding on your daytime itinerary. Eighteen holes at Ramsdale Park golf centre offers a choice of 2 superb courses, for a great value day out.

4. Real Ale Trail
A Nottingham asset, the Real Ale Trail aims to provide a tour of the 14 most popular drinking holes within walking distance, focussing on the range of fantastic real ales on offer. Enjoy a good pint of bitter with your mates before going on to a restaurant or club to finish off the evening.

5. The Nightlife
Attracting over 50,000 revellers every weekend, sampling some of the bars and clubs in the bustling areas of the city will give you an idea as to why it is so very popular with locals and tourists alike.

For the rockers, try Rock City for some headbanging tunes. Definitely one for the boys, Hooters on London Road will provide some fantastic scran as well as a buzzing atmosphere. Alternatively, try one of the trendy cocktail bars or for some cheesy tunes, head for the Oceana.

Whatever you decide to fill your weekend with, be sure to book all activities that need to be arranged in advance, as well as making sure the accommodation is sorted, before you set off for Nottingham. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve forgotten to finalise bookings. Make your mate’s stag do stress free and ensure the party goes off with a bang.


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