Manchester United vs Liverpool FC 3-2 (19/09/2010)

Many weeks ago, we told ourselves that if we could get tickets to watch Man Utd Vs Liverpool, we would definitely jump on it and not think twice or we would have to face the dreadful feeling of missing out on something BIG. In all English Premier League matches, we believe that nothing would be even BIGGER than the clash of the Northwest Derby.  Now fast forward a couple of weeks... Read More


To the Theatre of Dreams @ Old Trafford

One of the main highlights for me to embark on this working holiday, was to see and experience being in the Theatre of Dreams. THE STADIUM where my dad and me spent countless weekends watching matches taking place on TV.  To imagine stepping out onto the pitch, touring the museum and players changing room feels really surreal! With that in mind, we headed off to Manchester,... Read More

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