West Ham vs Chelsea 1-3 (11/09/2010)

Since we are staying pretty close to West Ham and Upton Park is also one of the football stadiums we had wanted to visit, we went to search online for any available matches and were pretty lucky to be able to secure 2 tickets to watch West Ham United Vs Chelsea.  It is considered a London Derby match so we can expect a certain level of rivalry atmosphere, not to mention the 2 teams... Read More

Bye London for now…

no…we are not coming back to Sg. Not yet. The past few weeks since the Egypt trip has been a mad rush for us, due to some unforeseen unfortunate circumstances.  Let’s just say we meet good people but sometimes bad people just comes in your way…whether you like it or not. Thankfully, we have our lucky stars to look out for us as things could have been worse but... Read More

Another year older

Its another year again and my age count just grew by one haha… This year, to celebrate my birthday we booked a room at The 5* Berkeley Hotel..haha… it doesnt cost a bomb because all staff from the hotel get to stay 1 night free after probation to experience the 5* customer service offered by the hotel. our room... with the great view across to Hyde Park I missed Hyde... Read More

Berkeley 70′s Disco Ball

The Berkeley always had a yearly party to commemorate the great work everyone had done and also to reward and acknowledge outstanding individuals whom had done a great job during the year and this year’s theme is 70’s Disco! Haha! Bright vibrant colours and flowers really gave it a retro feel and the nostalgic music from BeeGee’s – ABBA really brought the... Read More

New Year Ahead

Hi people! First and foremost, we would like to wish our family, friends and colleagues a Happy New Year ahead!  Many things have happened since we embarked on this adventure… hmm… let me see; we started working in a new environment, moved house twice, my wallet got pickpocket… , friends got married (sorry we couldn’t be there) etc… I sincerely hope... Read More

A Christmas Carol

First fall of snow in the night look who came out to play... haha! Well… in our seven years together (Yes i know… its THAT long already) we have never broken the tradition of eating our Christmas Eve Dinner @ Outback steakhouse… and we won’t anytime soon… luckily we managed to find a branch in London…all the way in Romford! (zone 6) Bushman... Read More


We’ve wanted to go Greenwich to see the Royal Observatory and also to enjoy the last of summer at Greenwich Park before autumn comes and all the green turn brown. Greenwich is located in Southeast London, south of the River Thames and is also considered to be a World Heritage Site. Hmmm... where to first Entrance to the famous Painted Hall You guys must be wondering... Read More

Les Miserables @ Queens Theatre

  "Milly" (what a surprise by my colleagues but i forgot to take a picture of the full cake -_-" ) Finally! after so long, i get to watch Les Miserables. I remember long long time ago, my bro went to watch it when they staged it in Singapore. I was only a primary school kid then..and i recall my bro having this Les Miserables CD and there was a period of time... Read More

From East to West London

We moved from Stratford to somewhere near Shepherd’s Bush but as we are typing this, we are due to move in January again…because our landlord is selling this house =( Hate to move though especially during this festive season and we are pretty much settled down in this place. The location is perfect for us but we will try to find a new place in the same area. If not,... Read More

Kensington Garden – Swan Lake

We were house-hunting in the kensington area and we chance upon this huge park which spans across 111 hectares of land. There are several things to see in Kensington Garden which we will slowly explore whenever we visit. It is not too far from where we are staying now. First, lets start with the swans Clear blue sky thanks to brilliant weather Wouldn't you love to chill out... Read More

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