Railing thru Europe: Stop 11.2 Norway – Breathtaking Train Ride to Bergen

We woke up early for the 0811hrs train and were a little sleepy at first but as the landscape changed so did our mood. From 1000hrs till the moment we reached Bergen our faces were glued to the window panes, taking in all the fjords and mountains the scenic journey has to offer, pausing only to grab lunch or for that toilet break. Although we were a little upset for being too... Read More


Railing thru Europe: Stop 11.1 Norway – Oslo

When we ventured up the Scandinavian lands, we were prepared to blow a hole in our pockets as we had heard that Scandinavia is notoriously expensive and the knockout of them all is Norway. However, unlike some countries like Italy, Norway is Eurail friendly, meaning we do not need to pay for reservations with our pass. If our Eurail pass does not have an expiry date, we would... Read More

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