Luxury Hotels of Britain: Offering you Memorable Holidays at Affordable prices

| Sponsored Post | Britain is the largest island in the Europe and has been the hub of world activity ever since the formal unification of the kingdoms of England and Scotland. Hence, needless to say that when it comes to heritage, history, art and culture Britain has a lot to offer. No wonder its capitals London and Edinburgh are considered as the modern day cultural hubs with... Read More


Switzerland – It’s More Than Just Chocolate And Watches

| Sponsored Post | What do you envision when you think of Switzerland?  Is it skiing on the majestic Alps?  Or maybe it is world-class chocolate and wooden ticking clocks that you think of.  If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, here are some other activities and sights that you should consider indulging your senses with: Go On A Hike With there being well over 60,000km... Read More


Late Deals to Australia from the UK: 5 Things You Should Look Out For

| Guest Post | Taking a last-minute holiday to Australia is not impossible, but it can be expensive if you are not careful with your planning. While you may give up on the idea of taking such a last-minute trip, there are five things you should know about before cancelling your plans. It is still possible for you to travel abroad while saving yourself some money. 1. Research Flights... Read More


Travel Stress Free Next Summer with Low Cost Package Holidays

| Sponsored Post | Although it is sometimes tempting to build your own holiday itinerary, booking flights, hotels and excursions independently, it definitely makes for a stressful trip should your plan fall to pieces. DIY trips can definitely save you a pretty penny or two, but so can package holidays. The trick is to find great deals and balance out the pros and cons. Whether you’re... Read More


Finding great value holidays in Majorca

| Sponsored Post | Quite what amount to great value holidays in Majorca will depend of course on how much money you have to spend and what you’re expecting to line up for that outlay. The island is renowned as a wonderful holiday destination but also a favourite haunt of the rich and famous. The good news for all of us though is that there are bargains to be found, whether... Read More


Top 5 Stag Activities: Nottingham

| Sponsored Post | Perfectly situated in the heart of the East Midlands, making it an ideal spot for stag parties all over the country, Nottingham has a whole host of activities on offer to ensure your stag do goes off without a hitch. You can book large group accommodation with Travelodge to keep the stag do affordable. With many hotels scattered around the city centre, there’s... Read More


Enjoy a holiday to Corfu

| Guest Post by Casey Walker | Surrounded by the blue waters of the Ionian Sea, Corfu is located in the western part of Greece. This enchanting city has a picturesque terrain densely covered with cypress trees and olive groves throughout the city. Lined by beaches with shingle coves, Corfu is home to several museums, Byzantine churches, impressive Venetian fortresses and vibrant... Read More

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