Railing thru Europe: Stop 19.1 Greece – Athens

As we edge on towards the country that filled our minds with myth and legends since we were young, we couldn’t help but feel invigorated, regardless of how drained and fatigued we were from the consecutive travelling the past 2 months. This is GREECE! I must admit, this is definitely one of the major highlights of our trip! Mythical entities like Zeus, Athena, Poseidon have... Read More


Enjoy a holiday to Corfu

| Guest Post by Casey Walker | Surrounded by the blue waters of the Ionian Sea, Corfu is located in the western part of Greece. This enchanting city has a picturesque terrain densely covered with cypress trees and olive groves throughout the city. Lined by beaches with shingle coves, Corfu is home to several museums, Byzantine churches, impressive Venetian fortresses and vibrant... Read More

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