Railing thru Europe: Stop 15.2 Croatia – Zagreb

From the coastal city of Split, we arrived back to the capital to catch our train to Budapest. Seeing that we have at least a few hours before our train departs, we decided to explore a little of the city. However, we were carrying all our stuff with us and found it pointless to rent the locker for only a few hours. Eventually we decided to our best interest that we should explore... Read More


Railing thru Europe: Stop 15.1 Croatia – Split

As we were heading back to our hostel in Munich to collect our backpack and stuff, the weather became gloomy and it started to rain again. We reached the hostel just in time before it became a thunderstorm. Usually during a thunderstorm one would try to stay indoor for fear of getting drenched to the bone, however we do not have the luxury to choose that option as we have got a... Read More

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