Railing thru Europe: Stop 8.1 Denmark – Copenhagen


From the lowlands of Amsterdam, we arrive in the land of Vikings and our first stop in Scandinavia, Denmark. But of course, Danish vikings aren’t the only attractions in Copenhagen as we were looking forward to paying a visit to Hans Christian Andersen whose children’s stories like, ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’ (whose statue in Copenhagen is a major tourist attraction) accompanied us as we were growing up.

Copenhagen City Hall

Entrance of the Hans Christian Andersen Museum Opposite the Tivoli gardens

Copenhagen's most popular attraction - Tivoli Gardens. It is a amusement park with various exotic architecture and amusement rides.

The Pantomime Theatre with its oriental architecture in the Tivoli

Mimes performing on stage

Not only can this ride spin 360 degrees, the rider controls the speed of the revolution! The plane banks 360 degrees as well giving riders a feel of being in a 'real' fighter plane.

This is NOT the Little Mermaid...but its her sister being loaned to the Tivoli by the descendent of the original sculpture

Not due back till Novenber 2010?!? This does not bode well...

The Sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen

The Rundetårn ( Round Tower) offers great view of the city

Rosenborg Castle

The changing of the guards takes place with the guards marching from Rosenborg Castle to the Amalienborg Palace

Many people gather at the Amalienborg Palace to witness the changing of the guards

Frederik's Church (more commonly known as the Marble Church)

Gefion Fountain

What we see here is actually a live feed broadcasted from the Danish Pavilion in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Lo and behold! We were absolutely gutted when we heard that the Little Mermaid was gonna be away… we had wanted to see her and were really looking for to it… why if all times must they move her to China…why oh why…

The windmill at Kastellet

yee: J jumps so high he looks like he is about to teleport!

Colourful buildings of the 17th century waterfront of Copenhagen - Nyhavn

Børsen - The Stock Exchange building in Copenhagen

Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen - with its outstanding spiral tower

Catching the World Cup bug in the evening with a pint of beer

Back to the train station to catch our next train to Malmo, Sweden

Next location, IKEA meatballs… yumyum


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