Railing thru Europe: Stop 4.2 Italy – Florence


Some of you might ask why are we going back to Florence again when we had just been there 4 months ago? Well the reasons being we really love and miss the city lots and since we are already in Italy, might as well just make use of our rail pass and head back there again. We also wanted to see how Florence would look like in summer, buzzing with so many tourists. Being there the 2nd time, you really get to appreciate the city more as most of the attractions you’ve more or less seen the 1st time round so now you can just go to the places you want at your own pace.

I saw a report on the Azzuri's 2006 World cup triumph and wondered how well will they do this time in South Africa

After settling down with our lodging, the first thing we did was to send our dirty clothes to the laundry as the last time we actually washed our clothes was in Lisboa!

View from our room

There is a chinese takeaway shop near the vicinity of our hostel which serves the best and affordable chinese food in Europe!

View from Piazza Michelangelo

Back to our favourite Gelato shop again!

There was a long queue to climb the top of the Duomo, i guess this is just one of the difference between coming here in Summer and Winter.

As the day wore on, the queue gets more ridiculous!

Hordes of tourist between the Battistero di San Giovanni and the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River

People relaxing and canoeing by the river

As usual the Uffizi Gallery is always crowded regardless of the seasons

Dinner at the chinese takeaway again and ordered 'Ma Poh Tou Fu' and braised meat with potato...Yumyum!

Gelato for desserts!

Time to say goodbye to Florence for now. Next up the Swiss Alps awaits!

J and Yee

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    Hi, can you share the name and address of the chibese restaurant u went to?

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