Railing thru Europe: Stop 3.5 Southern France – Cannes


The next day, we were greeted with fantastic clear sky and sunny weather! We were pretty hype up about coming to Cannes as everytime we had heard about Cannes is about the ‘Cannes Film Festival’ as its one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious film festivals. It is held around May annually therefore we had already missed it. Nevertheless, it was still great being there basking in the atmosphere with surrounding palm trees and a great waterfront.

setting off from Nice Ville

Streets are packed with exclusive brands and designer stores

J's first encounter with a celebrity in Cannes - Chewbacca

here we are on the famous red carpet, that has been graced by many international celebrities yearly.

Luxurious private yachts are aplenty

couldn't resist to have a shot with this uber cute pink vespa

i didn't know J have establishment in Cannes

Enough of glitz and glamour in Cannes. Let’s move on to the next place where high speed grand prix action usually take place.


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