Railing thru Europe: Stop 3.3 Southern France – Marseille


It continued to drizzle even as we arrived in St Charles train station at Marseille though we should take comfort that it didn’t rain cats and dogs. As we venture out from the main entrance we realised that it was located on top of a small hill and we could see the surroundings of the city from here, most notably is the Notre-Dame de la Garde perched on top of another hill.

Main stairway seen from the Saint-Charles Station. You can make out the Notre-Dame de la Garde perched on top of another hill at the right

it's a steep hike up the hill

Notre-Dame de la Garde

you can see Château d'If from a distance

In the evening, we went back to Montpellier to meet up with my cousin for dinner and he brought us to this kebab shop. Even though in London there are plenty of kebab shops everywhere, i’ve never tried it before.

i loved it especially when u bite into those cubes of bbq chicken bits!

That’s all for now…up next, we will be beach hopping along the luxurious coastline of Côte dAzur!


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