Railing thru Europe: Stop 3.1 Southern France – Montpellier


About 4.5 hrs train ride away from Barcelona, Montpellier is the 8th biggest city in France. Our main purpose of a stop-over here was to meet up with Yee’s cousin and also to use the city as a base to make day trips to the other cities in the Provence region like Marseille and Avignon. Our impression of the city (based on conversations made with Yee’s cousin before we arrived) is its a city for students rather than a tourist place though there are still a handful of attractions that might appeal to some tourist (like the Place de la comedie, Saint Clement Aqueduct, Porte du Peyrou etc).

Leaving from Estació de França

couldn't resist taking a picture of this lady in a 1950's style of dressing

The small town of Cerbere in southern France on the border from Spain

The Place de la Comedie, where the main town square is located

Yee's cousin picked us up from the train station and gave us a tour around the city

The Opéra Comédie located behind us

Fountain of the Three Graces


If you notice carefully, these buildings are actually paintings!

Saw this in the supermarket and decided to try it...one of the best Lays flavor ever!

Watched the World cup in our room before calling it a day

Next stop, the city famous for the Palace of the Popes, Avignon.


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