Italy – Venice (Carnevale)


We wanted to take a break from work and also to celebrate our 7th year together, moreover we heard so much about how Italy is beautiful and amazing that we wanted to see it for ourselves. Our first Destination is Venice and why you might ask? well… its because during this period in Venice, the Italians have a ‘Carnevale’ (carnival) going on with many people wearing all kinds of colourful costumes and mysterious looking masks and we wanted to bask in the atmosphere!

The view from the plane on the way to Italy

Our first sighting of the famous Gondola~!

Expect to see many people turning up in costumes and strange masks

View of the streets from our room

Gorgeous in Pink...

Doge's Palace

The Campanile

St. Mark's Basilica

View of St. Mark's Square from the top of the Campanile

View of St. Mark's Basilica from the top of the Campanile

View of Doge's Palace from the top of the Campanile

View of Santa Maria Della Salute from the top of the Campanile

Interior of St. Mark's Basilica

Interior of St. Mark's Basilica

Everywhere we went we saw many types of costumes and masks, all of which are unique and dfferent from each other… its really a fascinating sight to see…

Artist painting by the Doge's Palace

Cigarette vending machine... you have to scan your ID first before you can purchase

Lunch time, Pepperoni pizza and risotto

Gelato ice cream...very affordable in Venice...

Various italian cakes and desserts

Condom and lubricant vending machine...hmm...very interesting

OMG...CAn't help it lah... cheap and no choice but to succumb to the temptation...

Our first Gondola ride heading towards the Rialto Bridge

This was where Marco Polo used to live when he was in Venice

Can't help it... the whole place screams romance haha...

Our Boatman Stefan! Thanks for everything dude!

From St.Lucia’s Train station we had to take a night train to La spezia to head to Cinque Terre via Bologna and Parma.

On to Cinque Terre… J

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