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Railing thru Europe: Stop 19.1 Greece – Athens

As we edge on towards the country that filled our minds with myth and legends since we were young, we couldn’t help but feel invigorated, regardless of how drained and fatigued we were from the consecutive travelling the past 2 months. This is GREECE! I must admit, this is definitely one of the major highlights of our trip! Mythical entities like […]


Railing thru Europe: Stop 18.1 Bulgaria – Sofia

After a rather ‘shell shocked’ experience in Romania, our overnight train ride takes us to Sofia, the largest and most populated city in Bulgaria. As our rail passes were due to expire soon, we decided to make Sofia a day trip as we were arriving quite early in the day and there would be some time for us […]


Railing thru Europe: Stop 17.2 Romania – Brasov

On our 4 hrs train ride to Brasov from Bucharest, we passed by Sinaia, where the beautiful Peles Castle is situated (We had wanted to stop by on our way back to Bucharest but never made it due to their unreliably slow train service). When we arrived at the bus station just outside Brasov train […]

Travel Tales

Started in March 2009, this blog shares little musings of 2 Singaporeans who were work-holidaying in the UK. In June 2010, being fervent travellers, the couple embarked on a 2 and a half months backpacking trip railing thru Europe fulfilling their dreams and thus the name of the blog "Time of our Lives - A Travelogue"

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Railing thru Europe: Stop 4.2 Italy – Florence

Some of you might ask why are we going back to Florence again when we had just been there 4 months ago? Well the reasons being we really love and miss the city lots and since we are already in Italy, might as well just make use of our rail pass and head back there again. […]


Railing thru Europe: Stop 4.1 Italy – Milan

The city of Ventimiglia is about 7km from the French/Italian border and as there isn’t  a direct train from Nice to Milan, we were required to transit from here though if time permits we would have love to explore this city as well. Unfortunately, our train would be leaving in about 20 mins and we only just have enough time […]


Italy – Vatican City

Within Rome stands the walled enclave of the Vatican city and the iconic dome of St Peter’s Basilica. The interior of St Peter’s Basilica: Bet you guys must have received our postcards from Vatican by now haha… here are pictures taken on the climb up to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica: Views of the […]


Italy – Rome

From Florence we arrived in Rome with much anticipation because there were simply too many places to see and visit and we were not sure if we could see them all! As our rented apartment was near the train station, we quickly dropped off our stuff and began exploring the eternal city of Rome… A traditional legend holds that […]


Italy – Siena

We wanted to explore Italy as much as possible and since the town of Siena is pretty close to Florence and its one of the most visited tourist attractions, we decided to make a day trip there. From the beautiful and romantic town of Florence, we took a bus to the gothic town of Siena. […]


Italy – Florence

I first learnt about this beautiful city when i watched the movie “Calmi Cuori Appassionati” which starred Takenouchi Yutaka and Kelly Chen some years ago. Takenouchi Yutaka looks really young then and he is so freaking gorgeous in the movie. There were topless scenes *drools* of him posing as an artist’s model and lucky Kelly […]


Italy – Pisa

A trip to Italy would not be complete without taking pictures with the famous leaning tower of Pisa. Therefore, we made a quick stopover. Are you ready for some cliche cheesy photos? . . . . . .   Leaning tower of Pisa checked! It’s time to move on to beautiful city of Firenze (Florence). […]


Italy – Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre (Cheen-Kway Tair-ray) is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and Italy’s best kept secret. Therefore, getting there takes a bit of a tedious journey. From St Lucia station (Venice) -> Bologna -> Parma -> La Spezia Centrale Station and the journey doesn’t ends there. From La Spezia Station, we need to take one more […]


Italy – Venice (Carnevale)

We wanted to take a break from work and also to celebrate our 7th year together, moreover we heard so much about how Italy is beautiful and amazing that we wanted to see it for ourselves. Our first Destination is Venice and why you might ask? well… its because during this period in Venice, the […]

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